V.B. Rose Volume 4: v. 4 - Banri Hidaka I love how we keep going from day to day, following the whims of work, hanging out with friends, and a few events and surprises to keep things interesting! Eee~! How charming, charming, charming this all is~! There was so much more romance in this volume than in the others--yet that being said, it was surprisingly minimal for a shoujo manga! *Laughs* But let me save that for a bit later! We have so many fun get-togethers throughout this volume! Ageha, Mamoru, Rei and Shizuya have an epic battle where we have the normal fun toying with Mitsu's little brother. And then we have dress samplings at Rosa to check the style and order different types~! AND AND AND. THE BEST COUPLE OF PARTS!! BRIDAL FAIR AND YUKARI-KUN. BRIDAL FAIR AND YUKARI-KUN~!!

I don't want to spoil anything for those of you reading, so all I'm going to say is this: Mamoru is FANTASTIC. I love how she supports Ageha, but at the same time how she cleverly steals Ageha away to spend time with her, using her younger brother (as Ageha-bait~) if she has to! XD And Nagare-kun soooo does not complain. *Smirks* In fact... >83 We're beginning to see the first signs of another man in Ageha's life who is about to start an EPIC rivalry with Arisaka-san! >XD GAH! If you think how Nagare-kun is acting NOW is amazing, WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT HE DOES NEXT!!! 8DDDD I'm serious! This boy and his sister are absolutely THE most fantastic pair of siblings EVER!! Mamoru is so caring! And yet soooo devious~ And Nagare is absolutely sexy. Yes, I said it. He's sexy. He's collected and formidable, and when he's NOT "calm," oh ho~ You'd better watch out. *Smiiirks* Because that boy KNOWS how to play his cards, and he WILL mess you up. >:3!! GOD. I LOVE PEOPLE WITH GUTS! I just LOVE how Nagare comes in and is like, "Well~ I know I have competition, but... that's not going to stop me. *Insert confident, cool smile here*" <-- THIS BOY IS INCREDIBLE! <3333!!! *Completely a fan of his!*<br/>
Oh but things are SOOO not over, no no! Yukari makes a LOT of progress in this volume. SO MUCH SO THAT~ You'll find yourself squeeing (or maybe it was just me... *Sweatdrop*) several times throughout this volume from the gorgeous, handsome, AMAZING moves he pulls! GAH. IT'S SO HARD NOT TO FALL FOR HIM!!!!! *Flailing and trying to keep herself afloat!* It's amazing how much he's changed too since Ageha came into their lives. He still has his very, very rough edges. *Laughs* But you can see how just the way he treats her has changed. The violence has died down, and instead... *Smiles* Well, you'll see that for yourself. It's absolutely gorgeous to watch, and I never get tired of following Arisaka-kun's progress. He truly is growing, and it's a bit scary in a way, because he's also growing... more vulnerable too. And with the pain that happened before, gosh... *Stays quiet a moment* We get another streak of it in this volume as well, and suddenly you realize just how fragile he is. It's frightening to think what might happen. Because he's so delicate, and Ageha is so emotional that... it could be really, really horrible if they do something wrong, even without meaning to.

Ah! But I don't want to keep pestering you with the serious side of things! Let alone my whirling thoughts~! There is also some PRETTY DARN EPIC STUFF that happens in this volume. So, like I said before... WEDDING FAAAIIIIRRR! It's where you go and get to see a wedding venue host all their lovely assets, designs, and so on! Dude. I won't say anything else, but... IT. WAS. EPIC! >XDDDD Not to mention it's tied into the introduction of a new character. o3o His name is Sekiguchi, and he's... er... well... Weird. '_' Just downright odd. He's way too creepy and mature to be perving around like he does! DX< And yet at the same time he's so amusing when he's around Yukari. >3> ...plus the way that he, ahem. *Lifts up both her hands and brings them slowly closer together* ...yeah, you know what. Just read it and you'll see. *Coughs* Poor Yukari... ANYWAY~ Sekiguchi is the son of a wedding villa owner, so that's how the wedding fair gets tied in. He's got some history with Yukari and Ririko, and he's DEEEFINITELY a crack-tastic character, but MAN is he funny when he's around Yukari! XD It makes all his weirdness completely forgettable, just seeing the odd hilarious stuff he pulls when around him! >XD

The only other thing I'm going to say about this volume is that I am SO impressed and proud of Yukari! I know, I keep going back to him, but he truly is a character that can fast grow into such a huge love-bucket-- *Random affectionate term* --in so few volumes. The more you read about him, the more precious and cute and wonderful he becomes. Yet he always has that dry, "Whut? =O=?" part of him that makes him himself. X3 He's absolutely lovely! >3> ...but I still like how Nagare-kun freaks him out. >XDDDD

Okay! That's all for the review! Please do enjoy this series~! It's totally fun, and the drama is DEEEFINITELY starting for those of you wondering when it was going to come around. XD I'm afraid from this point on you're going to have a lot of it! *Giggles!* It'll be fun~!! <333 Hope you like the cracky wonderland~! See you in the next volume! 8D