Cromartie High School, Volume 1 - Eiji Nonaka
This was such a weird manga. It was really all B.S. and crack situations without any substance to it at all. It's not a manga that I can take with any seriousness because there's perhaps one moment where that seriousness can be applied at the beginning of the volume, and then after that measly eight pages, we see it pop up maybe on one other page throughout the entire volume.

The entire read is a series of normal situations that are made ridiculous by a constant run of the same bad--and eventually, old and tired--jokes that get recycled throughout the entirety of the volume. Considering the handful of lines for the preview to the next volume is promising nothing much else either, I can say for certain that this is a manga series you should read if you're absolutely bored and want something with nothing to offer you in order to fill up the time. I laughed a couple of times at a situation or two, but it was such a brainless event that there's really nothing to come away with from this.

I'll probably take out the other volumes if I ever see them. Probably it'll be one at a time, just to randomly read some blatant bull in between books with actual stories to offer. But it's a series I would never consider buying, at all. If for some reason this changes as I lazily stroll my way through these every so often, I'll let you know, but for the time being, it's really almost not worth your time to even pay attention to. Unless, that is, you're looking for some mindless (and I am emphasizing the 'mindless' for a reason here, folks) distraction.

Don't waste your money on this one. Library it if you're really curious. And I'd say don't even buy it if you like the first one. It's not worth risking your money on if it continues to be the same crack it's been in this first volume and you grow bored of it.

Recommended then? Not really. There are other things to read. This is like the mental moment of rest between things that actually require me to pay attention or care.

Either way, happy reading!