V.B. Rose Volume 2 - Banri Hidaka Oh wow~ I feel so comfortable in this world that Banri Hidaka created for this manga~ I also love the fact that she has a tendency to bring in a bunch of other characters from her other works! It's so cool seeing these awesome people that are all from other mangas she's done! They're so cooool! It really makes me want to read the other series she's made! But ah! XD I'm totally getting carried away by my happiness~! So in this volume we finally get to see the love interest developing. *Huffs happily and smiles* I was always really please with how Hidaka-sensei did this. Because Ageha-chan doesn't act stupid about it, or spend endless hours "wondering about her feelings" and other drab nonsense. She just comes right out and tells her best friend (Mamoru-chan) that she thinks she loves--OOPS. No~ Not telling, even though it SHOULD be obvious if you're paying ANY attention at all. ;3 The point being, Ageha still has her moments. She gets really emotional sometimes, and gets carried away by it. But because she's such a tough and gung-ho character the rest of the time, with a great heart and who brings a TON of fun into the series no matter WHO she's around~ I don't find myself holding it against her. *Smiles and bounces in her seat a bit*

In fact, I find that the more times I read through this series, the more I respect Ageha for feeling the things she does. She's not like other girls who feel one way and then act completely different or start exaggerating their situation. Mind, Ageha does have a tendency to--*Laughs* Well! To express her emotions on a bit of a LOUDER channel than most! *Chuckles* But she's authentic when she does it. Her fears and concerns, her desires and her loves, her passions and irritations are all so very her that I at least don't find they grate on my nerves. Sure at some times I frowned a bit and thought it was a bit much--I think she had one moment in this volume where I felt that way--but after a few more pages I just have to sigh and smile, because she always makes an effort to right however she's feeling. Especially and most importantly when she's feeling or acting stupid~ And that takes a lot of class to realize and admit, let alone correct at the threat of looking like a complete dumbass or jerk.

But besides that, I love the play on boundaries that starts in this volume. It's going to be brought up quite a few more times in the next few volumes as well, but I think it's a beautiful and intelligent addition to the series by Banri Hidaka. What V.B. Rose does right is the way it's set up to be so "every-day" that you can feel relaxed in it, no matter the situation~ God! I can't express how timeless this sensation is! Banri Hidaka is a master of taking the simple, everyday life--from job to school, to friendship and rivalries, your family versus how other people's families are--all these perfectly normal things, and making them the flawless nest into which to put these characters. I think that's what makes this manga stand out so much from the crowd. There's no real story here.... Like I wouldn't say there's a devious, diabolical and chaotic plot like you would expect from most mangas that count on their story to carry people through instead of the lackluster characters~ No, instead... there's just people. And watching them exist, live out their lives, interact and make mistakes and grow apart or grow together... it creates this beautiful masterpiece that doesn't need anything more than that natural human element, of which Banri Hidaka is so excellent at portraying. *Smiles happily* The story is our characters. And with the skill in which Hidaka-sensei has them act and interact, that's all that you need. Characters, above anything else, make or break all stories, whether written or drawn or both. *Smiles warmly* ...and V.B. Rose has a cast that I wouldn't ever discard from my heart~ <3 ^__^ They are absolutely fantastic.<br/>
So if you're looking for some great people to grow with, pick up this series! I promise it's worth the trip~! <3<br/>
Also, I know my reviews are a little short for this series, but this is just one of those that you have to enjoy for yourself~ Then you'll understand why it's so easy to enjoy~! ^___^