V.B. Rose Volume 5 - Banri Hidaka OH MY GOSH~! It just gets BETTER and BETTER!! I know that from the way things began in this series, it was a really slow start. Ageha wasn't in her best state, things were dramatic in the more annoying way, and the time it took to build up to any sort of romantic interest was until about the last volume. In this one, WE MAKE PROGRESS THOUGH! 8D In fact, I loooove the progression of the relationships and drama in this part of the series. By the time you hit Volume 4, things finally begin to start moving in a way that you can feel them moving. By this volume, things are WELL on their way to moving forward! Even with all the moments of, "NOOO! DON'T GO BACKWARDS! DX<!! YOU WERE MAKING <i>PROGRESS! ;O;!!" But things are soooo moving forward on the romantic end~! It's absolutely DELIGHTFUL already! Even though you honestly want to facepalm and smack these two dunderheads for being so slow and inept when it comes to relationships, you can't help but see the way they're both growing. ESPECIALLY YUKARI. AGHHH! That guy is a man! 8DDD! Seriously, the way he just does some things, overcoming whatever it is that's bubbling up from the past, is absolutely amazing. It would be amazing even if he didn't have past influences to overcome! How much fun he is, and how FREELY he admits what he wants! Gotta LOVE a man who knows what he wants! And you've got to love a man who's taking every step to getting it even more. >:3 *Snickers/smirks*

Oh! Oh! 8D We got another new character too! Her name is Ichihashi Tsuyu-san! She comes off instantly as... weird! XD She definitely gives you the impression of being waaaaay too odd at first, but she grows on you so fast! I love how friendly and sweet she is! For all her funny, awkward, shy and oddball qualities--and she definitely has a lot! *Laughs*--she is true to who she is always and so honest with herself as well. She's a caring, considerate, and overall lovely person. She's become one of my favorite characters very quickly! And when you see the veeery interesting side she brings out in one of the characters.... *Cackles diabolically* Oh, when you SEE what happens when Tsuyu-san comes into the picture, you are going to be SO intrigued!! >8D At least I know I was! It's INTENSE. And kinda veeery sexy. XD Not to mention she has a GREAT relationship with one of our other characters! 8DDD Seriously! Watching them two together, you can just tell how great a friendship they have! They're so close! It's really a beautiful thing to be able to recognize such a strong bond so quickly, especially when you've just been introduced a brand new character that you've never seen before! Hidaka-sensei's skills continuously astound me. She's a master of relationships and people's interactions! I know it seems like something so little to comment on, but you don't find many mangas that have the same smoothness and feeling of being natural like Banri Hidaka's V.B. Rose.

I don't have much else to say about this volume, so it seems it's going to remain a short review! But if you've been keeping up with my other reviews, you should know quite a bit about my feelings as well! I'll try to continue to give character updates and comment on anything major going on in the plot/story without giving things away! (Which is why this one had to be so short. XD I cannot tell you all the juicy bits! You have to read that for yourself!!!) I can tell you this much though: The story only gets better and better from here on out. And the romance and drama increases to the point where there's awesome at every turn! IT GETS GOOOOD. So if you've had a chance to pick up the series, keep on going! And if you haven't by now, don't let the first couple of volumes dissuade you from trying it out further! It's a rewarding series if you give it the time. <3