V.B. Rose, Vol. 7 - Banri Hidaka Oh, ho ho ho ho~ This is beginning to get good. To get really good. *Smirks and bares her teeth wickedly* Now this is drama that is unquestionably delicious. The way that we pick up from the last volume throws us right into the awakening of many things we've been waiting for for quite some time. But oh, it gets only cuter at first. It's a trip and a half of suspense-riddled adorableness topped off with "Squee!"-Cute. Then we get the next hit--and it's intense and ground-shaking. Kana-san will unravel your world~ *Grins deviously* But oh, that's not where the true threat lies, oh no. Not in Kana-san, though you go through the first half of the volume thinking the only problem is her. Heh. How perfectly wrong you are. But what hits you... will remain a mystery. I will not tell you what happens. In fact, I'm leaving out a lot as it is. *Smiles sweetly* But man will your world be thrown into disorder! I don't know how many of you feel about certain characters and the way that they've been acting in this series so far, but I can give you one hint:

Both of these two situations... make so much sense. <3 And <i>dang does one look like it's about to completely pay off! *Grins*

Okay, so that's about all I need to say about this volume plot-wise. I'm finding it surprisingly hard to review mangas in comparison to actual books. o-o Maybe it's because a manga moves so much faster than most books that the entire thing is usually spoiler-ridden. D: And I don't support spoiling things, so it becomes a true difficulty to do anything except rant and rave about different things. However, I guess I can ramble about the characters a bit more!

I feel that Yukari is growing. Or perhaps we're seeing more of him that we haven't really had the chance to yet because both his feelings and daily situation is constantly changing. And that in part affects him as well. He's such a strong and bold character, yet seeing this other side to him, we've come to see so many shades that make him the full person he truly is. And the fact that he's so honest with himself is only compromised by his carefulness whenever he's doing (or wants to do) something inspired by his own desires. Sometimes I feel he needs to grow out of that, and yet at other times I love the fact that he's capable of both. I just think he isn't as balanced yet as he can be. And once he starts being openly honest about how he feels in front of everyone, then I think he'll change a lot, and for the better.

Mitsu is another case that I simply don't get. He's wonderful and pervy but dedicated. Not to mention the intimate and supportive relationship he has with Yukari is fantastically entertaining and even a little hot to watch! Yaoi fangirls will love this aspect of their relationship. However we've still got the fact that for all the good qualities and intelligence that Mitsu has, he's not really one to take things seriously (on the surface anyway), at least when it concerns his family. And then when it comes to Tsuyu... *Stares blankly ahead* I have no clue what to make of it. "Mitsuya-sama" has me baffled. Why he acts that way makes no sense since Tsuyu for her part is being absolutely amazing with him. Maybe he does only like taking advantage of the weakness he senses, and enjoys the fact that she gives him a boost above herself by knowing how she feels. But bah. I don't see a reason to antagonize her about it since she doesn't trouble him with expectations or her feelings! >_< I clearly need to read more. This confuses me like nuts.

Tsuyu and Kana-chan are absolutely awesome in this volume. We get to see very little of Tsuyu in this one, but how she goes out of her way to establish a connection with Ageha and try to guide her through something in the least painful way possible is so sweet! This woman is absolutely beautiful in how considerate and gentle she is. Her heart is so wonderful. You can definitely see it in the smallest, quietest things she does. <3 Tsuyu is absolute love! ^__^!! Kana-chan--though my comments may surprise you--is just as epic as Tsuyu, although I admit I never noticed it or even understood how she did it the first couple of times I read through this part in the series. But the truth is, all her harshness and her outrageously silent, demanding personality cannot hide the fact that she's keener than a bird of prey: she gets what's going on faster than anyone else outside of the loop, and she doesn't even have to know or like the person to figure it out. Plus, she's bold and curt enough to put it out there if she wants to. And it's epic because she totally didn't have to do what she did. She didn't have to say what she said. Some might think it comes from her own personal experiences, the thing she said to Yukari when Ageha was there--but I'm pretty dang sure that she did it for more than that. She did it because she's <i>not a cruel, cold person like she seems to be. She did it specifically because she has feelings too. And it was kind of her to do that thing. Whether you can see it or not, she stood up for Ageha there. And that's an incredible statement to make: especially after what we've found out in this volume.

As for our heroine, Ageha~ She's a bundle of confusion as always. Poor dear really is being torn every which way. It gets a little annoying seeing all the drama that she has to go through, but at the same time, going through it is... kind of exhilarating! I just wish she would handle it differently, even though I feel that a considerable amount of her thoughts and reactions are to be expected, because anyone would feel that way normally.

In a nutshell, things are going CRAZY! And in SUCH a good way! You've really got to go for this one! You're going to LOVE it. It's got so much emotional tension and tossing/turning that it'll leave you either thrilled or pulling your hair out--OR BOTH~! Definitely pick this up and read it!! The surprises are AWESOME in this book! Because MAN do these characters know how to carry out those actions! *Laughs* See you in the next review~!