V.B. Rose, Vol. 8 - Banri Hidaka WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I now remember why this is my FAVORITE volume in the ENTIRE SERIES SO FAR!!! There are SOOOO many epic things to say about it!!! I don't know where to begin!!! Okay, okay, so calming down, we pick up right after the chaotic and crazy-awesome ending surprise of the last volume~! 8D Things only build up increasingly, and we have a lot of emotions flying all over the place in the beginning parts. Misunderstandings abound, but to conflict that we also have a lot of bold statements happening that throws the entire "love" issue for Ageha into the air and round-and-round! That poor girl. It's no wonder she's as crazy as she is! *Laughs* Mitsu proves to be the unexpected saving light for our dear lovebirds in a way. He has moments throughout this series where he really proves to be amazingly intelligent, perceptive and cunning. His guidance can be classified without a doubt as fantastic. <3 In fact, a lot of the advice he gives here in this volume makes me think of things I myself have needed to work on in my own life, and it brings the effect this series has on me only more boldly into perspective. I have learned so much about relationships and caring for others, not to mention how to understand people and their feelings, from this manga. It seems silly! I know! It's crazy! And I guess it's a good thing I re-read this as many times as I do, because I learn slowly!<br/>
BUT. Getting back to the story~! (Sorry people for my little side trip into my mind. ^_^;;) I love how much this series can teach you, especially since it does it in such a wonderful way, with a brilliant and relate-able cast of characters that are awesome almost every other page. (My VERY frequent status updates should be MORE than enough proof of this. XD) And it only continues to teach and draw you even further in as you read! This volume especially has a lot of those moments! But after the "drama" at the beginning of this volume, we have "SOMETHING TOTALLY EPIC!!!!" happen! 8D I cannot even begin to tell you how amazingly "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE~!" it is! You MUST read it. MUST MUST! D8< Don't argue with me! If you've even read half as far as this, then you can't turn back now. IT GETS FLIPPIN' AMAZING NOW!!! DON'T STOP NOW!! And okay, calming down a bit. XD Forgive my over-enthusiasm. <3 *Is a biiiig fan* (Like you all couldn't tell... XD;; <3)<br/>
Anyway, after the drama and the EPIC! We go right smack into sexy, seductive gorgeousness. And BOY do I mean SEXY and SEDUCTIVE GORGEOUSNESS. There is a photo shoot! And guess who gets to dress up all sexy-like? That's right. Yukari. Ageha. AND TSUYU!!! OMG IT'S EPIC. Not to mention! *Grins* My favorite picture of Ageha and Yukari out of the entire series (at least what I've read so far) is right in this part! God... they just looked... so incredibly... awe-inspiring. *Smiles radiantly* They are so beautiful together right there in that moment... it's amazing to see. That smile he had, and those half-closed eyes and grin on her face.... It's one of the most alluringly beautiful facial expressions of the human countenance, I deem. And I fell completely, completely in love with them in that picture. That look... that smile... their body language.... It was... amazing.

Then! After THAT part~! We have one of my favorite parts of the entire series. It takes up quite a lot of space in this volume, but it's worth every page and more. We get to see Kana-chan's house. And to see... her past with Yukari. It is... such an amazing story. I cry every time I read it. Because, for me, I have experienced a lot of that in my past, and it strikes home so hard that I cannot shake the pain, though I have forgiven it and moved on to happier days with those memories it instigates. It's a story that maybe not many can understand, and many will not find so sad. But coming from that kind of background, I understand and appreciate Kana-chan with a sincerity and devotion that I am even prouder to give her because, unlike the me in the past that was going through those things like she did, she moved on~ She has grown. And the pain she had, while a part of her, doesn't control her life. The fact that she could rise above it and become such a tough, but truly wonderful character who cares about the people she chooses to let into her life is just... amazing. I really respect her for that. Plus, she is... so kind! And when she's being kind, even though she doesn't need to be, even though she doesn't like the person, it makes her all the more irresistibly and shockingly beautiful. The way the volume ends, with how she relives her relationship with Yukari for us... and then she gives us that last thought of hers.... It is a thought that is so amazingly different from how she acts, and how we expect her to feel... that if she doesn't win you over, I don't know what will.

Kana-chan is amazing. I absolutely love her. I know! So different from where I was just a couple of volumes ago, right?! It makes no sense, right?! And yet it's completely and wonderfully true. She's an amazing character, and I would say my favorite female character! But I love all the characters in this series so much that to be honest, choosing one over another is really like picking puppies out of a basket. I JUST WANT TO TAKE THEM ALL!!! >XD *Laughs!* This volume has so many reasons for being my favorite one out of the series. I've only read the first ten volumes, but it remains my all-time favorite. You've just got to keep reading. The absolutely amazing stuff comes through and through-out in V.B. Rose, and some of the really epic stuff doesn't go down until you're halfway through. This is definite proof of that. *Smiles* If you haven't picked it up yet, definitely give this series a try! It won't disappoint! <3