V.B. Rose Volume 10 - Banri Hidaka Just a warning ahead of time. This review is going to be mostly me ranting. You're in for a fun change from the last reviews~ So let's get started.

There is one theme throughout this volume. Just one. And it upsets me and angers me more than anything else in the series! This volume... focuses on Ran-san: the woman that is Yukari's mother. And I tell you this... my hatred for her cannot be fuller or more complete. Yes, I would even say I hate her. I can't STAND her. And I truly deem her unworthy of the kindness shown to her! *Grits her teeth* When I first saw her appear at the end of the last volume, I wanted to shout, "What are YOU doing here?! LEAVE! We don't WANT you here! GET LOST!" And in a way, I did. She's just so...! OOH. You remember the parts at the beginning of the series when we were told about how Yukari's mom treated him and acted?! Well that's not even the HALF of it! No! Horrible as that stupid women was, THIS VOLUME JUST PROVES HOW MUCH OF A TWO-FACED, SELF-CENTERED, ASININE LIAR SHE CAN BE! And still is!

GAH. EVERYTHING ABOUT HER!!!! Everything about her pisses me off!! She comes off so BOUNCY and CHEERFUL. "What's wrong with that?" you say? "It's kinda like Ageha acts, so what's the big deal. You like Ageha." Yes, I do like Ageha! But Ageha is DIFFERENT from this woman! *Points viciously at Ran* THAT woman might act all bubbly and happy, be so nonchalant and excitable and ditsy, but she's being a complete JERK from beginning to end! For instance, when Ageha saw Sakura-chan and had the whole, "How'd you get so small Arisaka-san?!" reaction, it was from honest surprise and bewilderment. When THIS creep did it! She KNEW Aoi-san was dead. She KNEW Yukari was older! YET SHE HAS THE GUTS TO CALL YUKARI BY HIS DEAD FATHER'S NAME! How much of a PRICK can you be?! Can't you imagine how PAINFUL that must be?! What the heck is WRONG with you woman?! And then she goes and completely drags Ageha off without even asking her permission or whether she would want to even come with her somewhere! What the heck?! RUDE LITTLE--! *Cuts self off and mutters darkly, leering at Ran*

Oh but those are just small things. *Narrows her eyes and lets her voice become quiet* ...what really settled my opinion of her is when she tried to suck up to Ageha for sympathy by telling her the story about meeting Aoi-san, how they got married, and all that. You thought she was bad before? Just knowing she was a woman who couldn't keep her promises? Heh. Well you ain't seen nothing yet. What really ticks me off is that her life, her friendship, then her relationship, then her marriage and house and child were all so WONDERFUL. She had a life that any woman would ENVY her for a thousand times over! A husband more wonderful than the stars in the sky! A son who adored her and looked to her like a beacon of light! A home that doubled as a dream workplace for her husband, where they could raise a family together and continue following their aspirations. ...and this STUPID woman, this CRUEL--ARGGGHHHH!!!!!!--WOMAN!!! [Warning: Might be a little spoiler-filled/-hinting from this point on.] ...she threw that all away. She THREW that ALL away! FOR WHAT?! FOR WHAT?! *Shouts and slashes the air with her arm viciously* She wanted to be young and STUPID so she WAS young and STUPID. She broke Aoi-san's heart! She crippled Yukari-kun's hopes and dreams! AND SHE DARES SHOW HER FACE AGAIN, AND TO ASK FOR PITY INSTEAD OF CHANGING HERSELF?! [End Spoiler.]

She even blames how she acted on everything else BUT herself! Oh it was my environment! It was how I was raised! It was because I was young! It was because of this or that! BULL, LADY, BULL! You disappeared from their lives for EIGHT-TEEN-YEARSSSS. And you come back like THIS!? FOR WHAT?! To BLAME all the things you did on OTHER CRAP?! You've got to be joking! Okay, so you ADMIT your faults and whatnot openly. But why are you saying this to Ageha?! Go talk to your SON about it, for God's sake! That's not even the point though. The fact that you're just blaming all your mistakes on a bad personality is just disgustingly stupid of you. And REALLY low. You think I'd buy that? HA! You have another thing coming lady! Take a look at every single character in this series! Not a single one of them hasn't grown or changed in some way! Some of them had some really BAD problems, but they've overcome them. And they've overcome the selves that they used to be to get to where they are now. You had eighteen years to clean yourself up and change your life around. You had eighteen years to look over what you did and work hard to overcome your bad qualities! What did you do? You did absolutely NOTHING with yourself! You became famous and suddenly money was the solution for everything! "If I buy you gifts, you'll forgive me!" "If I buy you gifts, you'll love me!" BULL, LADY! I can't believe you'd think that! ESPECIALLY--and this is the most unforgivable thing--after knowing, loving, and marrying someone like Aoi-san. ...really? You can't change? More like you don't want to, *****. And you probably never will, either.

*Sighs* ...yet for all the bad things you did, you have one thing you can thank God for, lady. And that's that the people you deserted, and the people whose lives you invaded now with your garish stupidity and self-centered righteousness, are far more caring, loving, and forgiving than you are. They truly care about you. And that's more than you deserve right now. That's way more than you deserve. I want you to know this... I'm not happy with you as a person, as a character of significance, or anything else. But I am happy that Yukari ends up happy no matter what B.S. you try to pull. *Shakes her head* ...I hope you change. I sincerely do. Because seeing you in the past, and how you loved Aoi-san and even Yukari-kun, I can tell you would have been a great person. You just need to get your priorities straight, lady. You really do. Maybe it's how all these other characters bring me such hope, but... hate you as much as I do, I'll wait and see what happens. Because this manga has surprised me before, and if it surprises me with you... well then. It'll only be that much more worthwhile.

In the end, readers, this volume too gets a 5 out of 5. As much as I loathe this woman, and really cannot stand her or how the others give her a second chance.... It was a chaotically emotional whirlwind, and that makes for good drama, if nothing else! Plus, we got to see how amazing a man Aoi-san was even more. He will blow you away with his warmth, his kindness and his goodness. There is so much to love about him. But now, as always, I move on again! For those of you keeping up with my reviews, I'll have you know that you and I will both be surprised in the next volume, because this review officially ends the volumes of V.B. Rose that I have read so far! Next stop: Newness and adventure! Let's go! V.B. Rose Volume 11, here we come!