Refresh, Refresh: A Graphic Novel - Danica Novgorodoff, James Ponsoldt, Benjamin Percy This sounded like it was going to be a lot more interesting and deep than it turned out to be. Very few words throughout the entire thing. It was one of those reads that was mostly pictures, and that had just enough conversation to fill in the blanks and make some impact.

Overall, I don't have much to say about this book. It was so swift and without anything really of consequence that I read the entire thing, front to back, in less than half an hour. I took no breaks, and whatever thoughts I had weren't notable enough that I felt I even had to put up status updates to comment on them. It was one of those reads that... I just... read. And then when it was done, it was done. '_' Comments? No, don't really have any. Feelings, emotions, thoughts? ...well. I get what they were trying to portray through it, and in some senses, I felt like I was getting a little bit of the message. But for whatever reason, I couldn't empathize with these characters. It had nothing to do with the fact that they were high school boys, or that they did crazy things, or that their fathers were in the war. I just felt there was not enough content to... warrant any reaction. It ended up leaving me really "Blaaaahhhhh" to the whole thing. *Shakes her head* I don't even know what to say to this. I didn't like it, and I didn't hate it. It gets no emotions out of me, and I even have to question whether or not there's anything worth more than a few pictures here.

It seems like they wasted an awful lot of ink and paper to give us a message that could have been conveyed on a couple of pages at the most. '_' Shameful.

In the end, would I read it again? Probably not. Would I recommend it? Eh~ It was alright. If you want to check it out, don't buy it. Please. Save your money. It's not worth it. Get it from your library or read it in the comic book store if you have to. It'll only take 30mins at the most, if not even less. It's that easy of a "read."