Sword of the Rightful King: A Novel of King Arthur - Jane Yolen What a wonderful change of pace! To read a book that's a medieval fantasy again! Once upon a time these were the only books I ever read, and though not all of them make the cut in my memories, it's always been one of my favorite--if not the favorite--of my genres! And this book was a WONDERFUL addition into that collection of stories I have so long loved! I admit, I have read little to nothing about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, but who doesn't know the story? While I can't say I found this story amazing in terms of what I would be looking for if I was to really want to hunt down something epic on the history/retelling of King Arthur's story, for a spin-off concept of what went on, it was really enjoyable! In fact, I think that was the best part of this story. Jane Yolen just knows how to write something that you can sit down, and really enjoy reading. She knows how to put in suspense and drama without over-doing it, and without ever making things too complicated--or, Heaven forbid, stupid like some people do when they try to add "drama" (Heavily emphasizing those quotations marks!) to a story.

So we've got ourselves a tale of The Sword in the Stone, which I completely love since I grew up watching the cartoon movie of that legend practically every month I was so addicted to it. And it ties into King Arthur in a way that doesn't relate anything to the movie. Which, hey, is all good considering that new perspectives of the same story usually add much more depth to the story itself. And I can't say I didn't enjoy this book, because it was so EASY and quick of a read that I found myself eating it up like one breathes air! It was started and done so swiftly! I know that in between my reading I had a huge pause but that was mostly thanks to school. The moment I got my time back (Ahem, yesterday and today) the book was done with practically the snap of your fingers. And that's what's so COOL about it! It's such a pleasurable thing to read because it had everything you could want in a story and a pace that was quick, playful, ended with a skip and shout and WAH-HOOO!

But I am seriously rambling. Truth be told, the carrying factor for this story wasn't what you would expect it to be. It wasn't the plot-line, which was simple to conceive, experience, follow along with, and conclude. Which! Is what made the story also such an easy read. It also wasn't even the mood to the story, for though it had its serious moments scattered throughout, the familiarity between the characters and the constant exchange and interweaving of humor is what really carried the day. Things were never too down for too long before something pleasing or funny, memorable or just plain endearing happened to uplift it again. And the parts where you thought there was going to be major drama and dramatics unfolding were surprisingly quick to be concluded, fixed, and moved on from. I guess I've just gotten used to all these characters that make the BIGGEST deals out of absolutely the SMALLEST things that I've forgotten that there are people who will stumble upon a crime scene and, when you tell them what happened, will actually BELIEVE you! O:< *Claps hand to her cheek in shock, mouth dropped open with the stunned realization* Since when does THAT happen anymore, right?! But in this book, that's exactly what happened! And I found myself a lot of times starting at shadows, or over-thinking things and being proved wrong countless times. And you know what? It's not the book's fault, not the characters' faults, and it's not the author's fault either. It's mine. I've become so used to books today that just spin things WAAAAY out of proportion all the time, so that now I can't help but suspect everyone, and everything, and make up schemes because of the smallest little suggestions introduced in the story as it goes along. Until, after a while, I just stopped thinking and settled down. I tried, like in the old days people used to do, to just read. And once I did that, and stopped shoving my own thoughts in this story where clearly they did not fit, I was able just to be carried along the ride like one's carried down a swift current in the river. I reacted instead of blatantly trying to interact where it would not work. And doing it that way, I was able to fully enjoy the story on a level that I had to learn again to experience.

Writers today just don't write like our older authors of a couple decades ago.

Once again, I have rambled. So what was the redeeming quality to this book that made it worth the five stars? Well, it was the characters. From Arthur to Merlinnus, to Gawaine and Gawen, to Lancelot and even the errand boys... you have a set of characters that are no more over-complicated than the storyline, but whose traits and personality shine through like the brightest of stars on the darkest of nights, so that you find your entire world illuminated by them. They are unchanging, multifaceted, easy-to-understand characters that can still surprise you with shows of depth that you're not expecting from people that you would think are so easy to read. But almost at every other line they say something or react in someway that makes you pause and blink for a moment, trying to catch up to them and figure out why they just did what they did when you expected them to do something so different! Completely different in some cases! And know what else? Sometimes you never know why, and other times, just like in real life, you don't find out why until later on when they mention the reason to you! Isn't that just epic?! You have people that actually ACT like people!! It's a WONDERFUL experience! To find that the characters aren't predictable! They can't always be figured out or followed to the letter! You have people interacting before you and you have no idea what it is that they're going to do next. How wonderful!!! How EXCITING! How grateful I am for that experience! A book with a MIND of its own! One I cannot trace! One that, even when all the cards are before you, you still aren't sure if you know everything, or if things will go exactly as planned! It's epic! It's wonderful!

Being able to read a story like this, even though it's not "DUN DUN DUNNNN! EPICCCCC!" still is absolutely worthwhile. Just reading Jane Yolen's work is enough of a depth of living that books once carried with them all the time, I feel. It's a relief to read a book that feels alive before you! And no matter how simple the concept may be, everything about this story and its characters makes for a GREAT read: because it's such an enjoyable one! And really, when it comes to books, what more are you looking for?! I suggest you DEFINITELY check out this book! Heck, I'd even say it's worth the buying! Do I think it's as amazing as it can be? *Smiles* Yeah, I think it is. For itself. I wouldn't change a single thing about this book, and I can't really record any complaints that I had or have. It was a good read, and a worthwhile one. Is it the best thing I've ever read? No, I can't say that. I definitely have favorites above this one. But it's still a book that's definitely worth the time. Check it out! I think you'll like the breath of life and fresh air that this one carries! It'll be good for you! Go go! Library time!! Order it! And I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much or more than I did! ^__^