I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore There is so much that I can say about this book, but the oddest sensation I have while reading it is that I've read a book with this sort of amazing ability to pull you in and never let you go before. It might seem strange to some, and please don't jump to conclusions about this, because everyone's experience is different, but the sensation I get from reading this first book in the series is like the sensation I got as a kid, when the Harry Potter books first came out. That easy-going beginning, that introduction to a world you know so little of, that slow and steady climb into training, into abilities beyond the powers of normal humans, the friends that you gather along the way, the dawning of evil, and the coming of war. The fight at the end of it all. The losses. The moments where you sit up after it's all over and think, "What just happened? How am I still alive? How am I safe?" These were the amazing, never-failing conclusions to the first Harry Potter books. Each new adventure, each journey, each trial, each terrible and tormenting war that might turn at any second into horror, into failure, into absolute destruction... into the end. It's a gripping plot, a deeply emotional and moving plot, and you're carried along with this set of characters that you don't want to lose. Not even the ones you didn't like at the beginning of the book.

Man, it was an amazing read! I feel like it started out and I was intrigued, and then everything lulled into this steady pace. I was getting something to entertain me and keep me reading, but I wasn't getting enough. And so I kept reading, wanting to know more, knowing that there was more that they weren't telling me! And after a certain point... it came. It came, and with terrible, amazing, awe-inspiring consequences. The battles, the fighting, the strength and the fear! You were MOVED, you didn't BREATHE, you never knew what was going to happen! You didn't know if it would end, even when you thought the end was certain, inescapable. You had to just keep going, because once you got to a certain point: you were invested in this. You just couldn't stop! You stepped into this world that so few or no one else knows about and now you can't turn back. It's that intense, yes.

Don't let the lullabic and steady start throw you off. Anyone who has seen how this has started has to know that there is more to be promised from the get-go, the very beginning. I'm here to assure you, as readers, that there is more. That this is *worth* it.

You absolutely must read this book.

I can't even tell you how amazing it is. But it's so mind-blowingly amazing that I must get you to read this book! Have I ever spoken like this before?! Have I ever been this adamant and thoroughly convinced?! If you ignore almost everything else I say, just trust me on this: Read. This. Book.

There is no way, at all, that you can regret it. I guarantee it. 100%.

*Takes a deep breath* Now, let me pause for a moment to go over a few things. The author and the one who designed the back and inside covers of these books needs to be given a medal. The very way it's presented, the very way the words read, the information it gives you... the intensity and immenseness of the words it says... You have no idea what you're stepping into. But when you read those words, you just know, you just know, somewhere deep inside you, that this is one of Those stories. A story you cannot miss. A story you cannot not be a part of. Because it involves you anyway. Whether you know it or not.

Another comment I have to bring up, is that the author is... anonymous. The author, Pittacus Lore, is a figure in this book. ...we don't really know who's writing these books. Or, is it as simple as this: that we are being told who's writing these books, right to our face, and we just choose not to believe it? Oh, I know what you're thinking. I'm sounding like some already mind-possessed fangirl. And yes, and no. I have my doubts, but I have a thrill inside me that the author--whoever he is--has chosen to name himself this. Has chosen, not to reveal a real name (though perhaps, it is his real name), but a name wrapped up in this story's legend, in this story's tale. That itself is significant, is impacting, is amazing.

To continue, you have already heard the effects of the story on me, and thus its writing can be amply praised. It's engaging, keeping, pulls you in and doesn't let you go until the end, when you're forced to remember you must breathe, and you breathe outside of this world that you were just consumed by, just absorbed in so completely you forgot about everything else. It's astounding. It's got the kind of page-turner quality that Harry Potter used to have, back in the days when it was first printed. (My opinion. No need to bristle and attempt to quell me. For some, it has the quality that Harry Potter still has.) The point being, you can read this book like you exist within it. That's how remarkably well it was written. And real name or not, Pittacus Lore, you've done an incredible job, sir.

The last thing left to mention is the characters. And I admit, there is a purity to them that you don't find often in characters. Somehow, the main character is easily relateable. Somehow, the mentor figure seems younger than the typical adult figure in the youth's life. Somehow, the antagonist doesn't rub you completely the wrong way and you can get over it later on in the book when he returns with new intentions. Somehow, the main attraction of our lead doesn't annoy or grate on the nerves where you expect a female love interest might. Somehow, the best friend figure who seems like a subgenre of the school populous is capable and strong in a noticeable way. You have a cast of characters that is nothing like what they're supposed to be, while being exactly what they're supposed to be. It's a group that you can understand and enjoy, while not realizing how much you enjoy them until the very end when you're left hanging... waiting to see what happens to them, wanting to continue with their journey, and knowing you have to wait.

Do yourselves a favor: Read this book. It is absolutely worth it.