Greenwitch (The Dark is Rising, #3) - Susan Cooper And thus ends the third book in the Dark is Rising series: Greenwitch. In a way, although this is the shortest book out of the five in the series, this book is also one of the books that I enjoy the most and have always remembered the most. It smooths into the gaping space and distance the first two books had from each other and melds them simultaneously and with such naturalness that you barely even notice that it's done before you've gotten to the end of the book and are wishing--eagerly and impatiently--for more. I tell you: with each book I read of this series, I gain more and more respect for the author, Susan Cooper. The difficulty of doing what she accomplishes in this series with the naturalness of breathing is hard to take for granted when you're reading this series the second time around and have the chance to actually sit back and look over its progression in awe of how well it's all put together. Her writing, if it was to be described in a few of words, would be multilayered, intricate, and seamless. If you've even dabbled in the series' first two books so far, you'd absolutely have picked up on that before even coming to Greenwitch. Her talent, like her creativity, speaks for itself.

To change the subject a little bit, lets move on to the characters. This time around, we've got probably one of the MOST exciting things yet! This is the first time in this series that our first two books MIX! We get not only Simon, Jane, and Barney Drew--our heroes from Over Sea, Under Stone--but we ALSO have Will Stanton from The Dark is Rising join us as well! ...all... in one... book!!! I don't know how thrilled you are with that, but I was PSYCHED!!!! I flipped out! I was so eager! AUGH! <3 The joy! The delight! THE EXCITEMENT. Getting to see all these characters that we've been introduced to separately, each playing their own big and super-enjoyable parts in this story, come together for the first time? EEEEE! It's like taking the idea of a crossover between two of your favorite stories and making it happen! Except it's better because it's EXACTLY like that without it being a crossover at all! WHAT A BRILLIANT AUTHOR WE HAVE! Susan Cooper, you are GENIUS. <333<br/>
Continuing on though, I still find it surprising to me that each time I read more of this series, the amount that I enjoy reading things from Simon, Jane, and Barney's perspectives is probably one of the things that sticks out to me most. In the midst of all this magical element, they're the one constant that I can rely on, and I can't deny that I love each and every single one of those three. Their reactions, their efforts, their thoughts and opinions are a constant delight to me! It's not that I don't like Will. I find him a reassurance, and a constant source of insight throughout any book that he's involved in. But there's a charm that comes with normal people being involved with supernatural things that really draws me close to the other three children. Just reading their conversations and the way their minds work both together and apart is a pleasure in and of itself. Few things can beat that, in my opinion. Reading their interactions is a part of the books that I relish! I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way. *Chuckles* But if I am, that won't change a thing of how I feel about them.

I don't have much else to say about this little bridge of a book. I am happy that it was included in the series, because it's more necessary than anyone can quite imagine at first glance. It bridges book one and book two, and it connects the first part of this epic quest with the second part that we're about to move into in the reading of The Grey King. Without this book here, everything would be in discord, and a lot of what's to happen next wouldn't be half as much fun or as exciting as it's going to get. And if the entire point is to enjoy what you read, then thank you, Susan Cooper, for this interlude!

On a final note, Greenwitch also did a spectacular job of portraying the personalities even further of the kids that we've come to love and look forward to adventuring with. Will was seen a lot more from an outside perspective, and his eager, good-willed, but gentle and kind nature showed through in a way that we perhaps didn't get a chance to really see in the midst of all the chaos in The Dark is Rising. Likewise, we got to see another side of Simon and Barney in Greenwitch, when for the first time they have someone else introduced into their midst--not a girl, but a boy to challenge their superiority as the men in the group of kids on this quest. In addition to that, we're beginning to see the parts of importance that everyone played is also going 'round to Barney, the youngest, who played a bigger role this time around and developed or showed us gifts that we didn't think we'd be seeing in him. I think it was Jane, however, who won me over with her understanding and empathy in this book. She shows more of it later on, I believe, if I'm remembering correctly across the decade I haven't read this series. But it was her selfless and loving desires, even in the midst of strange and frightening wonders, that won my heart in a way few do. She was amazing, even though what she did might seem so very small or simple. But isn't that the greatest part? How she, just a girl, normal and magicless, was able to change the path of this quest with just her own smallest actions. That is what makes this book so magical, and perhaps why I love the Drew kids even more than I can say.

With all these thoughts done, I think I'll wrap it up just about now, and continue on with the reading. *Smiles and waves curtly* I'll see you all in The Grey King. I'm rushing forward to it... to meet someone I've dreamed about for ten long years, and who has never quite left me... since the first time I met him. And that... is enough to sway any man.

I hope you join me.