Silver On The Tree (The Dark is Rising, #5) - Susan Cooper Well it all comes full circle here. The last book in the Dark is Rising series is done. Yet, why do I feel so empty? I thought at first perhaps that this was part of the cost of re-reading a book or series again, that you had read the first time when you were much younger. But no, because thinking back now--this must have been what the longing I felt was all about. Things finally draw to a conclusion at the end of this book, and life moves on, but there's still that lingering "But..." that I just want to end all my sentences with. This was supposed to be the last great adventure, and there are parts that I like and love, but there are too many other things in hindsight that weighed down those feelings and just left me feeling... underwhelmed.

I feel like magic in this series is a heavy burden. It doesn't come easily, and it doesn't even feel natural. It's a strain on everyone that uses it, and whenever it inevitably interferes with the normal world and people's lives, the solution is always wiping their memories. I don't know about you, but when I've fought that hard, struggled for so long, for a cause... I don't want my memories of what I fought for to be lost! And in a way, whenever they did that in previous books to other characters that started getting a hint of what was going on, I balked at it! I cringed and grit my teeth. How do you just do that?! Wipe my mind and pretend like it didn't happen! Like you're all too powerful for me to be of any use if I knew! I get it, the Light in this series is trying to protect humanity. But know what? We can fight for ourselves too! Otherwise you wouldn't have used Barney and Jane and Simon! It all started with them! And then we get everyone else just... treating them like they can't do anything in the long run. Worse, like they don't deserve the respect of remembering. just don't do that. Messing with people's heads is one thing, but stealing their memories from them is taking away a part of who they are. Unless they willingly sought it, which I wouldn't praise or be happy about anyway, that's... not something you do.

But going back to this book in particular, things are as they've been in the last few books. We get the entire battle of Light and Dark fought and ended. And it's an obvious ending. One would think it would be. It's again filled with so much going on that you're basically being dragged along for the ride without even getting a chance to experience what's happening. The empathy whenever it comes to these magical things... just isn't there. Whenever we focus on Will or the Light's dealings, even the Dark's dealings, it's cold. Distant. Unfeeling. You can't find anything to cling to that'll give you any feelings at all. Just like Jane, Barney, and Simon throughout many parts of this book: You're just standing there, quietly, watching all the important people talk and completely ignore you. And that's what a lot of this series is when it's all summarized. That is why it gets Two Stars from me. Is it alright? Yeah. It is. But the only good parts, and I mean, the really, actually enjoyable parts, are with the Drew kids. Will, the Light, the Dark, and what have you... they just... make you feel bland.

I think if this story was written more from the Drew's adventures, it would have been far more pleasant and fun. But it just comes off as hard to connect to, full of fancy show and flashy stuff, but there's nothing really concrete or logical in the procession of anything. Things just HAPPEN because they DO and they come whenever they want. You're being dragged behind a speeding car, but you have no idea where you're going. They stop to ask your opinion every once in a blue moon, or during a pit stop, but then you're back in the trunk or something, stashed away until you're needed.

Eh. It's a shame. Because there's a lot of stuff here that is lovely, but it's got no substance. It's just there, and you don't feel anything for it.

So that's the conclusion for this series. It was fine. It was okay. But I wish you got a chance to actually feel like you experienced something worthwhile. Because you're hoping for it throughout the entire series and then... you just get... nothing really. Everything goes back to how it was before you ever started the series. As far as you're concerned, nothing's changed--because nothing feels like it changed.

Give these books a shot if you want. But they're not the best. Definitely not as magical as I once thought they were. Funny that, all my memories from when I was a kid were of the parts where the Drew's or Bran was involved. Huh. Guess it goes to show you what really matters~ And in this case, it's worth it only for them, but even then, just barely. Take it out of a library, but don't buy this at first go. It's not really worth your money, I'm sorry to say.