The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen This book was so much fun! I really enjoyed it! It was like eating your favorite candy, it was so delicious and went by so fast!! And not only was the writing smooth as silk--with absolutely nothing to complain about--but the entire story was executed so well that you were fully absorbed in it the entire time! It ran like water! It was smoother than a baby's bottom! Trust me on this, it was gooooooooood.



My God, the story!

WHY DID IT END SO QUICK!? You'd think 350-ish pages would be a long read. NOPE. This sucker went like CAKE at a fat kid's party!


OM NOM NOM NOM. *Throws up arms!* All gone!

The plot even had points where I suspected some of the major twists to happen. And usually this is a very, very bad sign for a book--especially from me. It leads to boredom and completely kills any drama or expectation you may have for the book. But guess what? ...I was expecting something to happen. (I won't say what because of spoilers.) And I was right.

Know what's amazing though?

The book went even farther than I imagined it.

It completely left me gaping at the truth when it was finally revealed!!


THIS RARELY HAPPENS. I WAS SO HAPPY! It's been too long since a book actually exceeded my expectations and surprised me! ;W; So I'm reaaaaaally appreciating this twist! image


WHY DID IT END SO SOON?! I want there to be MOOOORE. Thank God this is a trilogy! Because I cannot LIIIIIVE knowing that this would have been the end! There are too many things that still need to be addressed! And I must see them!

So in conclusion, this is one of those books that's a super easy read, it's fast paced, the writing is flawless, the characters are all great, the story sucks you right in and keeps you entertained nonstop, and it even has a few twists that will keep you excited to the end! Plus the fact that it's going to be continued is awesome, because you have no doubt when you finish it that there's still a lot that needs to go down, and you're pretty much teetering on the brink of it by the time you hit the last page. Count me in for reading the sequel!

And I highly advise you all give this one a chance too! Take it out of your library or buy it even! If you don't love it, at the very least I can promise you it'll be an entertaining read! And one without stupid characters to make you want to kill someone or yourself!

Go read it now!!