The Dead-Tossed Waves - Carrie Ryan I really liked this book. It's a shame the lead female sucks just as bad as the last one did in The Forest of Hands and Teeth by the same author. I don't feel like writing out a full review, so here are the basics:

Writing - 4 out of 5
Clean, easy to read. Fast paced, engaging. Some sentences trip you up for a moment because of the occasional awkward wording. Otherwise, very well done and enjoyable as a read.

Setting/World - 5 out of 5
Expands and grows from the previous book, introducing new concepts as well as physically widening the extensions of the world within the story. Gives the reader much more to think about, new horrors and new hopes, as well as a much wider perspective of what the world is and lives like in this post-apocalyptic time period. Very enjoyable and also engaging.

Story - 1 out of 5
Basically the same story as the first book. Rehashed with a different[ly named] a) female lead, b) two male love interests, c) female friend that dies/disappears, d) circumstances that "forcefully" disengage character from her "life", e) circumstances that "force" main character to choose one love interest over another because other is "incapable" of being chosen, f) escape from starting location into the unknown. Same. Story. As. Last. Time.

Main Character - 1 out of 5
Self-absorbed, concerned with absolutely nothing outside of herself unless it somehow disrupts or adds to her life. Refuses to make any decisions for herself that will put her in the position of taking responsibility for her actions. Shoves all responsibility on others whenever she can. Toys with the emotions of other people yet cannot face the truth about herself when it's presented to her. Quick to accuse/judge others, yet lies to every character she meets at one point or another--usually leading to trouble and/or death. Whines, complains, never happy with her situation. Always doing something stupid that puts her--and consequently those around her--into danger, usually winding up with the others dying or being the ones injured as they protect her. Essentially: useless and annoying.

Side Characters - 2 out of 5
Carry good qualities such as loyalty, perseverance, raw emotions and the ability to face reality when it's presented to them. However, they fill roles that revolve solely around the main character. They are there only to make the main character look good or to make us feel sympathy for the main character. Side characters have no lives of their own and are quick to throw everything away for the main character--largely because they don't have much to their lives to begin with. Very two dimensional, bend to the will of the main character at all points, solely to build her up since she's lacking in the capability to provide the reader with any proof of worth or value whatsoever on her own.

Final Rating for the book is 2.5 out of 5 (rounded up to 3 for generosity).

Advice on Reading: Library this one. Don't buy it. I wouldn't have it in my collection. The characters destroy any value the world and the writing has. And the story is nonexistent due to their failure to stand up to critique. Again, not to be bought without a test run first. Collect without trying at your own risk.