The Client - John Grisham YAAAAAYYY! I LOVED THIS BOOK! Man it was an enjoyable read! I don't feel like critiquing everything so I'm just going to ramble it all out. The writing was really smooth. Smooth like butter on hot toast or cream in your coffee. Absolutely impeccable writing! You just fly through the book. It runs like water on calm beaches. image And the KID. The KID that's the main CHARACTER. HNNNNNNG. THIS KID IS SO AWESOOOOOOMMMMEEEEE. He's the smartest kid I have EVER met! He deserves ALL the good things in the world! I want this kid to run for president. I VOTE FOR MARRRK. MAAAAWWWWK. RUN FOR PRESIDEEEENNNTTT.

Alright, fangirling aside. The book was absolutely an enjoyable read. It's got a lot of law stuff involved in it, shows you the bull that happens with our court systems and stunts the government likes to pull to tie up the innocent and squash them before they can even have a chance of freeing themselves. It's a nice look into that kind of two-faced, unfair crap. But it teaches you about how they think, and I liked that aspect of it. I always knew court situations can be unfair, but actually getting to see a bit of how it works is nice. Details are always nice.

The best part is watching how this eleven year old kid gets past all these bozos in the FBI, the mafia, the courts, the jailors, and more. It's such a fun ride. Seriously, this kid is so smart. You not only get to see the innocence of him as he's boxed in by the crap in law enforcement, but you get to see how his own normal kid-logic gets him through all of that nonsense and BSing time after time. I mean, the kid finds his own lawyer and does brilliant with this partner at his side. If only for him and the lawyer, you've gotta read this book. The characters absolutely are the shining light in everything. Who cares that it's a real life situation when you've got such great characters to read about?!

Definitely check it out. Library it if it's not your thing, but give it a shot. It's the best in entertainment value.