The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore DANG IT. ANOTHER BOOK IN THE SERIES IS DONE. WHY?! ...and more importantly: When's the next book coming out? 8I ...cause I'm not sure I can take this waiting thing.

If you're reading the series and paying attention to my reviews at all, you'll know that I fangirled over the first book in this series, I Am Number Four. Well, reading The Power of Six has turned up with pretty much the same results. If nothing else, it's nice to see that an author's writing can continue to be consistently interesting and gripping, promising and exciting, as well as delivering things in a manner that shows a clear writing style. Like the previous book, The Power of Six builds up gradually, at a relaxed pace, and then it all randomly bursts and begins to rush you forward from one action scene to another. If nothing else, Pittacus has the roller-coaster feeling down pact.

He. Is. Doing. An. Amazing. Job.

I'm not gonna go on the whole "trying to convince you to read this" trip again. If you're here at all, it's because you showed enough interest in the first book in order to pick up the second (or at least check out a review about it). You can expect much of the same in this book as was in the last. Less emphasis on the normal and everyday however, and much, much more on the growing war. And trust me, ladies and gents, the war's a'comin'. If this book doesn't make it clear, then nothing will.

I think the last thing I have to say is that, once again, I can't help but praise the way that Pittacus has a way of surprising you. You're constantly expecting one thing to happen, and even when you're right, things never unfold quite how you expect them to. He's great at doing that to you. And for most readers, that's essential for keeping a story interesting. I also like how he took the unfolding romance in stride in this book. It's weird, and I'm not sure if it's settled quite well with me yet, but the way he handled it, I'm not as ruffled as I was initially. At the very least, no one's deceiving anybody about their emotions, and trust me. That's hard to find. Especially in today's crap. Not even gonnna give them the decency of titling them "books", because they haven't earned that right.

BUT! I digress! In the end, this book is really worth continuing. If anything, things are maintaining the same level of intrigue and excitement that fluxes throughout the first book. It's done very well, and if you haven't already, give this series a shot. If you've tried it out and it's just not your genre or not your taste at all, then that's fine. Someone else might like it more. My advice though is to definitely check it out. I think you'll find it a very entertaining and engaging read.