Dragonsong  - Anne McCaffrey, Greg Call
I've not read this book in ten years, but reading it through for the second time ever it's just as wonderful and engaging as I remember it. I ate this book up like you devour your favorite treat in a bakery. It was so wonderful to read! The main character Menolly is strong, intelligent, creative, determined, humble, and has a beautiful personality. And the side characters are all appropriately monstrous, in ways that'll horrify and anger you, or infinitely entertaining, in the way that fills you with warmth and enjoyment. You've got a perfect blend of antagonism and hope and unusual, engaging situations in this book to draw in anyone who picks it up and wants a read! Fantasy lovers especially will adore this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to or thought about giving it a go.

It's a book of strong characters, unjust situations, magical encounters, an engaging storyline, and is just the very tip of a world that-- once you're introduced to-- you'll want much, much more of. It's a swift and flawless read, and has everything anyone is looking for. It scalds you with terrible situations, and then it fills you with hope and joy! It's the perfect type of read for kids, young adults, and anyone else who wants a good, creative story to unwind with.

If you've never gotten into Anne McCaffrey's Pern books before, this is a fantastic one to start off in, and, once again, I immensely recommend it. This review is short, but that's simply because a good book doesn't need much to speak for itself. If you're a dragon/fantasy fan especially, I'd even say buy this book without bothering with a library. It's so good. I can't imagine you won't enjoy it.

Check it out, and happy reading!