The Mayflower Project (Remnants, No 1) - Katherine A. Applegate
Holy this is not a book for kids.

This book may be under two hundred pages in length but it is intense in a way very few books I've read have ever been. It's still got my heart racing a little bit to be honest. My heart is RACING! Holy crap! Do you know how odd it is that a book would thrill me this much?! And this is a middle-grade or young-adult book? THIS is a book for young teens?! This book is INSANE! In the best, most gripping, suspenseful, thrilling, horrifying, amazing, disgusting, shocking, insane of ways! It's literally INSANE! I don't even know what to think! I was stunned a moment ago, and now I'm reeling after finishing this book it was so amazingly good! Holy God and blessed Christmas! *Throws up arms and shakes head, still shocked*



All I know is that I'm shaken up and I love it, and I need to keep reading more. I'm already angsting inside because I only was able to take home two books out of the series, but the other part of me is screaming-- "YES! THIS IS A SERIES! THANK GOD! I NEED SO MUCH MORE OF THIS!!!"

If you love science fiction, thrillers, suspense, psychological books, dystopians especially, you HAVE to read this series. You HAVE to read this series. I don't care if it's some ten years old. I don't care that it's a series for young adults or whatever. Ignore your age, READ THIS BOOK and then the REST of the series.

But be forewarned: It's not exactly immensely graphic, but the imagery and scenarios can be shockingly vivid and disturbing. It only gets worse later on if what I remember of this series is correct. So go into this with a level of caution if you've got a queasy stomach. It can and probably will shake you up, but that's what makes this book great: It does it so that it hits home for you. Because, well-- the Earth's gonna be destroyed. That's the entire premise of this book. You want it to hit home. And, oh man, did Katherine Applegate do a fantastic job of that. Seriously, after I finish this series, I'm reading her other series: Animorphs. This is an author that deserves a lot of attention if she's to be judged by this first book. I'm going on to the second book in the series now and I'll keep you posted.

But man. This is gonna be good.

See you all in the next book! Because you'd better give this one a shot. It's too good to pass up.