Princess Nevermore (Point Fantasy) - Dian Curtis Regan
I honestly don't know what I enjoyed so much about this book when I think back on it now. I'd read it several years ago and I remembered enjoying it, but re-reading it now again, I found myself slightly annoyed throughout most of it. It's not a malicious and frustrated type of annoyance though, I'll give the book that. The main character just bothered me mainly because of her reasonable ignorance. It was a cute story, but overall, besides the couple of interesting concepts of a magical realm underneath the crust of the earth, nothing about the book calls to me to the point where I would ever want to own this story. It's a book to read, but, for me, not one to own.

And it's not as though the side characters were that bad either. I actually felt quite fond of Adam, the love interest, and I liked his sister once she stopped being a stupid, jealous idiot. I thought Mondo was touching and fantastic; plus, everything about him reminded me of the tragically beautiful story of the Tucks from Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. He was one of the best parts of the story. I'm also quite fond of Cam, and Ameka, Quinn's tutor. Even the arrogant pig, Zack, had moments where I felt like slapping him because he could be a good guy, but he was too much of a haughty jerk to ever consider a change of heart. Asshole.

But the point is, all the characters were decent ones. In fact, I think they were enough to make re-reading this story itself actually worthwhile. They are charming in their own little ways, but not in a way that really calls me to any of them over too long a period of time. And yet the funny thing is that they're memorable, or the situation is somehow. Because otherwise I wouldn't have remembered this book after so many years, so clearly something about it has some value worth taking up any space in my mind.


Overall though, I've got nothing stupendous to say about this book. I'm not going to tell people to run out and grab it now. But if you come across it, and you like fantasy/modern crossovers (I guess they call that "supernatural" now, don't they?) then give this one a shot. Why not? You might like it more than I do.