Dune  - Frank Herbert
This was an interesting book to read. There's a lot that it leaves you with afterwards, and things aren't exactly entirely settled. There are more books after this one, but I'll tell you right now: Should you go into this series, prepare to read an epic. It is long, it is a story of survival and struggle for inheritance, it has mysticism and politics and things that seem like magic. Technology and the natural blur on worlds that are not earth, and you're going to be introduced to different races that will teach you a brand new culture.

It's a book you can't go into without committing to, otherwise you'll lose interest halfway through. And this book is thick, long, and complex. It has a lot of weighty stories all interwoven into one big plan, with countless characters that we get continual insight from. We're immersed in a different type of lifestyle, and if you want to get through this book, you're going to have to make it a point to pay attention. This can be a casual read, but if you don't make the least bit of effort in trying to keep track with the basic things going on here, you can get pretty lost. Things will get explained eventually, and the author's been kind enough to include a section in the back of the book that includes terminology that you're unfamiliar with, but for the most part you can pick up a basic understanding of everything that's going on just by continuing to read on.

I understand a bit why people say that this book is like the Lord of the Rings of the Science Fiction genre. Sitting down to this review, I'm a bit overwhelmed by everything that I've read. I remember everything that happened from beginning to end, but it's so large and complex a story that to even begin telling you about it would lead to me talking for pages and probably needing to spoil most of the book, which I don't want to do.

Even trying to talk about the characters is a little difficult. They exist in their own world all by themselves, and they're so self-established that to try to describe them is like trying to describe someone that you've known all your life. How do you? You know every little detail about them-- from their moods and personality to their likes and dislikes-- but all those miniscule facts isn't going to help someone understand the total of who that person is, especially to you who have known them. I can say that the main character is cool, calm, collected. He's strong, capable, and admirable. But what does that mean? Does it mean you'll believe that?

In a way, I have to say about this book what I said about the Lord of the Rings books: You'll have to experience it for yourself.

And don't get me wrong; it's not a bad book, even though it looks a little intimidating. I admit: I was a little intimidated by this complex, thick book with its small font size and its appendices in the back! A book that has things like that is a recipe for intimidation. I had no idea what I was getting into. And I still believe that: I had no idea what I was getting into.

It was a good read. It opened up an entire new world to me and took me along on a really in-depth and complicated story. The characters were alternatively amazing and intriguing, or people you didn't like but still found a lot of interest in reading about or reading the thoughts of. This book is amazing in portraying the thoughts and insights of characters. Even when we're following the perspective of one character in the story, if another interacts with them and is thinking something about the one we're following the story from now, the author seamlessly switches to that character's point of view and gives us insight into their thoughts and emotions right then and there in response. It's amazing. You learn so much throughout the book in this manner, and it makes reading the story nothing short of an adventure where you're constantly coming into contact with secrets and underlying efforts made by everyone from all sides.

This is a good book. It's very long in page count, and it's a slow read because of the information that it gives you throughout so you can be better equipped to understand the world and ways that we're involved in. If you're a science fiction or dystopian lover though, you've got to check this amazing piece of literature out. It's definitely not a book you should pass up on, and you'll find a lot of great characters (of all types; hero and villain and every shade between) to make reading this really interesting.

Hope you all enjoy! And till next time~