The Hobbit

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien It is done already! How easy, how swift and enjoyable a read it is every single time I pick up this tale! A story for children and a story for adults alike, it charms the mind with its stories and immediately gives one the sense as of sitting at the knee of your old grandparent, listening to them tell this tale of old that they have passed down over the generations, and which your heart knows only as truth. It is a classic beauty in the world of fantasy, and has the authenticity of surviving for ages, as though it very well might have been the beginnings of a world we so easily know and fall into. And with that, it has the unquenchable joys of a tale that has no sad endings even in its sadnesses, even in its struggles, even in its great paths and little twists. What a wonderful tale for anyone to read! What a delightful world to fall into!

The moment you read this fascinating, alluring little tale, which could almost be right out of your own mind's hidden halls, you fall in love with it. For it's a story of things not ours, and yet strangely like us. It captures our spirit of adventure, our desire to know of great things! It hails to our delight in fulfilling curiosity, and bates our better knowledge with turns and mishaps that bring groans to our lips and worries in our hearts. It's a tale like no other in that it -is- a tale like all others! It is a piece of antiquity that is and will continue everlastingly to be timeless. We are taken up on adventure, my friends! An adventure of great and wide things calls to us! And we are nearly swept, tumbling and bumbling, right out the door before we know that we have already begun it! What a miracle of work! To bring forth in our minds a world that we cannot for an instant deny to be real, less we face the outcries of our inner child, and which we become a part of before we even recognize that we have fallen in love with Middle-Earth and all of its inhabitants.

And what a jolly, remarkably swift tale this is! To think that from such a joyous, tremendous journey comes the next three greatest parts of a story that will stand as The Great in the battles of our hearts and minds, of Good against Evil. While here we are cleanly charmed and captive with devoted love by the tale of Mr. Bilbo Baggins when he was still young, by the voice of our author and narrator both, who speaks to us as though he knows us intimately, and has long told us such things, such stories as these that we grew up on... in the next three books we will be swept away into the tides of even greater deeds, harder journeys, and more beautiful, more loved, and more timeless characters. Characters and acts that will be forever ingrained within us and engraved upon our hearts. Why would anyone on our good earth not read this lovely, fantastic tale of heroism which has been so long lost to our age? To those of you who know, and those of you who do not know, the things yet to come... these words I leave to you, to echo in your very soul when you hear them and lift up this book at last, and when you think of the wonderful tale contained in its pages:

This is where it all began.