The Black Stallion (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

The Black Stallion (Other Format) - Walter Farley
How do you ever talk through a review about a book you love? This was my first time re-reading this book since the first time I came upon the book series some ten years ago. I was overwhelmed with sentiment just seeing its title in the library, and it was the first book I picked out of a pile of seventeen I eventually brought home that day, but I held it close to my chest and cradled it--because just holding it felt like I was holding one of my dreams in my arms again.

I always grew up dreaming about animals and friendships with them. To this day I still love books that have a focal point of a human and an animal's friendship. ([a:Robin McKinley|5339|Robin McKinley|] is a good author for those types of stories, especially if you're looking for more horse-related material. Check out [b:Pegasus|7507951|Pegasus (Pegasus, #1)|Robin McKinley||7147745] or [b:The Hero and the Crown|77366|The Hero and the Crown (Damar, #2)|Robin McKinley||2321243] for a couple good ones.) Being able to come back to read this book again, after a decade apart, it feels like I never left. The awe is still there. The joy is there. The thrill! The excitement! All my heart's elation in the freedom of a horse's stride is in this! Awe and respect and admiration for an animal as beautiful and impossibly real to my heart as the Black. *Shakes head and smiles* There's nothing quite like it in all this world: the beauty of an animal who, in all its magnificence and power, became friends with a human, and together, who changed everything.

It's what I've been dreaming of all my life, and even now-- way past middle school age when I first read this story-- I come to life reading this book again. It's simple, it's short, but it doesn't take away the least from it. It's fulfilling in a way that I've found only books with relationships between animals and humans have ever been for me. It's every bit as inspiring and exciting as I first thought it was, and I would be horrible if I didn't recommend anyone who has a love for animals in general or horses especially to check out this book.

It's fantastic. It's wonderful. It stirs that spirit inside you to life. It reminds you that you can fly.

Maybe if you're not a horse lover or animal lover like me, you might be afraid you won't enjoy this story. But I'm telling you, it's a book that has enough thrill and excitement to entertain anyone who will give it a shot. No matter what you're used to, give it a chance and read it. You might be surprised by what you find.

To everyone else, too: give this book a shot. Like I said, it's not a long read and it's simply written. It won't be a problem to read. And my sincere hope is that you'll find it as much a joy and pleasure as I have, and millions have before me.

Happy reading, and be prepared to see more reviews from me in the coming new year about the Black again. <3