Karneval, Vol. 3 (Karneval, #3)

Karneval, Vol. 3 - Touya Mikanagi
There's a lot of pain that we go through in this volume. For me at least, it was probably the most painful volume yet. We delve much deeper into Gareki's past, and it just... breaks your heart. What's more is that this just continues on throughout the entire volume. We start off that way, and we end that way. Our wonderful mangaka though, Mikanagi Touya, knows exactly what she's doing. She gives us some respite from the heaviness that we go through by putting a more cheerful story in the center of this volume to break up the darker, interweaving storylines, and it really helps give you that breath of relief that you need when going between such heavy subjects.

The first part of the volume concludes the information that we were starting to get introduced to at the end of the first. Basically we come full circle with Gareki's past and kind of get to learn why he lives the type of life that he does. It's a touching and heart-wrenching journey though, and it left me in a mess of emotions that the first time I saw it I was in tears because it was so sad and beautiful at the same time. The lengths that Gareki would go... *Shakes head* It's something that you really, really need to experience for yourself. It's too special and meaningful to be talked about openly. Just in forewarning, be prepared for the heartbreak, because there's a lot of it when you first get into this volume.

After that we have the lighter little arc, and it's truly entertaining. It's endlessly cracky but badass also, and I found myself laughing more than a few times at the chaos that our main cast was getting involved in. Plus! We get a chance to hang out with more of the First Ship's crew. So we get to know a little bit more about characters like Jiki, Kiichi, and Iva. And boy oh boy, are Iva and Tsukumo badass in this little bridge point in the volume! You'll definitely find a lot of fun in it, and probably be more than a little pleased with the slight ways that Mikanagi unveils more and more about her characters. (Hint! The scene with Tsukumo and Jiki. Yogi during the play. Iva and Gareki. Yogi and Gareki, although that's too obvious.)

After the fun scenes are over and done with, things get heavy again, and I won't say anything about it. It's something that you need to see for yourself. All that I'll say is that it starts off with some adorable moments, and they're precious. In particular, pay attention to the moments between Tsukumo and Nai. They're very special. The rest I'll leave up to you guys to experience for yourselves. I have only one warning: Be prepared for FEELS!

And with that I leave you all. I'll be seeing you in the next volume! This is going to be painful, but I have to know what happens. I hope you'll all join me there. See you!