Karneval, Vol. 9 (Karneval, #9) - Touya Mikanagi
Alright guys, we're almost caught up with what's been translated with the next volume. So let's go through my thoughts for Volume Nine so that we can all continue!

1. I'm very proud of Gareki, and the choice that he made. I got flashbacks myself to things involving Tseng and the Turks (from Final Fantasy VII) watching a lot of things going on here. It was painful to watch, and almost as painful to see Gareki living through his choice. But in the end, I'm proud of him, for being able to do what some of my favorite characters weren't able to.

2. I've got so many thoughts about what's up with Karoku, Gareki, and Nai, but just suspicions. I really hope we get some answers soon.

3. The panic Yogi was in.... Ugh. My heart breaks when I see him like this. And Tsukumo too. They were both... so frantic.

4. Nai is too wonderful. ;-; I love him so much.

5. ;w; The way Karoku and Nai first met........ <3<br/>
6. Finally... we're meeting the Karoku I've been waiting for. I'm glad. But... though I understand a little bit... there's still a lot that... well, we need to have revealed. I wonder if Karoku will talk in the next volume?

7. Tsubame! DX It's not your fault!!!

8. I... don't understand who that person with Nai is. We've seen them a few times before. At first I thought it was the real Karoku, but now I know that's not the case. But if that's so, then... who is it?

9. YOGI! ;W;!!!!! .......Yogi and Gareki........... vwv <3 *Sighs deeply, happily* ...they're together again. And, I think Gareki is understanding more and more how much Yogi loves him. I hope so. I truly hope so. I hope the depth of his love reaches Gareki and sinks deep into his heart.<br/>
10. Kiichi was worried about Nai. X3 She is so wonderful. <3 She tries to hide it but she's really, really become fond of him. <3<br/>
11. *COUGHS* ...Iva stripped Yogi down to his bare skin. *Smirks* 'nuff said. ;3

12. GAREKI CHECKIN' OUT HIS BOIFRAND. ;3 Oh. This was a GOOD way to end this volume. A VERY good way! XD

And that's all for now~! Let's go forward to Volume Ten, guys! 8D Onwards!!!